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EnergyManager can help control your home energy supply, the EnergyManager monitors energy flows
and can control all power-consuming appliances. You can decide what is switched on and
off automatically and what you want to set manually.

Efficient combination of hardware and software

The EnergyManager is located in the fuse box / consumer unit because that‘s where all energy flows in the home converge. It collects information from your solar panels, solar PV inverters, solar batteries, and other components of your photovoltaic system. At the same time, it measures the power consumption of each device or appliance via the circuit or with the aid of wirelessly transmitting sockets.
The software in the EnergyManager then optimizes your whole home‘s power consumption. It ensures
that devices are switched on and off at the right time and sends all data to the EnergyManager Portal.
You can use this portal to make adjustments to your personal energy management at any time.

Full control or convenience – the choice is yours

When logged in to the portal you can set when each appliance is to be turned on or off individu-
ally. With these schedules you can not only reduce your power consumption, but also turn on outdoor
lighting at set times or automate processes for when you‘re on holiday.
Or you can sit back and let the EnergyManager do what it does best. The self-learning software will react to your daily energy usage and switch appliances on and off at the optimal time. You can also choose a combination of manual and automatic settings.

Electricity consumers at home

Whether freezers, washing machines, or dish-washers – the EnergyManager has all your household electricity consuming appliances in view. All conventional devices can be connected quickly and easily via wireless sockets. Larger power consumers can be controlled directly from the fuse box / consumer unit. This monitoring enables you to trackdown energy guzzlers and reduce your overall electricity costs significantly.

MyReserve – the perfect partner

With the MyReserve battery from SOLARWATT, you can store part of the solar power generated
during the day and use it in your home during the evening. EnergyManager is the ideal partner for
MyReserve. With the EnergyManager Portal, you can see the battery‘s charge status at any time as
well as see how much energy is still available.

This product requires professional installation by an electrician trained and certified to install SOLARWATT Energy Manager

Please give us a call on 01223 736900 or email us at so we can recommend one of our Solarwatt certified installers in your area.

Solarwatt EnergyManager is easy for a certified electrician to install and has minimal maintenance costs.  Please contact us if you require further information on Solarwatt EnergyManager or want help choosing the right features for your needs today and into the future.

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