Workplace energy management

Sky-high wholesale electricity and gas prices are driving a need for energy efficiency. This particularly applies to small and medium sized businesses. Especially for those coming off fixed low price energy contracts. Better energy management means reducing energy consumption. As prices are set to rise further, companies need to save costs. One of the best ways to make these savings is to invest in an energy management system. Without compromising your business activities, output or comfort and wellbeing of your team.

Why choose our workplace energy management solutions?

Whether it’s reducing consumption from technology or heating systems. Making use of excess generated renewable power. Charging your fleet cars as cheaply as possible. We have products to meet your needs.

For our energy management solutions we work with smappee. To give accurate, real-time insights into energy consumption and energy guzzlers. The Smappee app and management dashboard give a clear picture of energy use. Allowing you to identify and put in place energy policy changes.


Helping you save energy

Don’t waste energy. Use Smappee to spot suddens peak in your own energy production? You can power up specific appliances with this energy. Or automate specific activities and processes to reduce energy use.

Smappee offers a complete insight into the energy consumption of equipment. You can use Smappee to analyse and manage your business energy use.


Keeping you in control

You can use the app or the online dashboard for a clear overview of the energy flows across all your sites. In real-time and right down to the level of the individual pieces of equipment.


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