Ohme EV Charging Cable Type 2 to Type 2| Romatech The Ohme EV charging cable is the intelligent app controlled EV charge-companion for every non-smart EV chargepoint. Find out more about smart EV charging today. OHME0202GB001 https://www.romatech.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/5bed810947412ab632f8f517f463f27b/o/h/ohme_cable_1.jpg Ohme
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The Ohme EV charging cable is the intelligent app controlled EV charge-companion for non-smart EV chargepoints. The Ohme cable automatically chooses the cheapest available electricity and ensures your car is charged with exactly the right amount of power.

The Ohme intelligent EV charging cable 

The Ohme EV charging cable is a single phase charging cable for use with a "non-smart EV chargepoint" with up to max. 32A (equivalent to 7.4 kW). This is ideal for making your "dumb EV charger" smart as it allows you to control the time and amount of charge via the Ohme app. This allows you to benefit from cheaper and greener electricity

It is easy to use, you can just plug in and charge your electric car. Making it an ideal option for use at home. The Ohme EV charging cable comes with a 5m cable 

Clean smart EV charging

The Ohme EV charging cable comes with the Ohme app which can be downloaded from the app store or google play. The Ohme EV charging cable can be set via the app to charge at times when renewable electricity is available. It allows you to monitor your 'Green Score' and you can also track your CO2 consumption per mile and compare it against an equivalent petrol or diesel car. 

Smart cost controlled EV charging

The Ohme EV charging cable is an app controlled EV charging cable for every electric vehicle, that can be plugged into your existing EV chargepoint. The app controls the Ohme cable which once set up, will automatically choose the cheapest available electricity to charge your car. The Ohme app ensures your car is charged with exactly the right amount of power for the next day or few days depending on how your set up your EV charging.

The Ohme EV charging cable also interfaces with variable price electricity tariffs allowing your car to charge from the cheapest available electricity, for example Octopus Agile Tariff

Installation (Ohme Charging Cable)

There are no specific installation requirements for the Ohme EV charging cable, it can be used to make your existing EV chargepoint smart.  The Ohme cable can just be plugged into a standard type 2 EV charging socket. 

More Information
PowerSingle phase charger, with charging power up to 7.4 kW
DC Leakage ProtectionBuilt in DC leakage protection
Software UpdatesSoftware updates are applied to the chargepoint via connection to the Ohme App
ConnectivityOhme chargers have online connectivity via a GSM 3G/4G interface
Smart InterfaceAll Ohme chargepoints come with a smart phone app interface
OCPP CommunicationThe Ohme chargepoint comes with an OCPP standard communication interface
Warranty1 year warranty as standard
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