NRGkick Light | Romatech The versatile NRGkick light boasts intelligent charging for any powered socket of up to 32amps. Charge your car safely at home and whilst away with NRGkick NRGkick Light DiniTech
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A mobile Mode 2 chargepoint to take everywhere with you. Charge anywhere at any time. Outputs of upto 22kW, it supports single or 3 phase charging.

NRGkick Light

Power upto 22kW

The safety of a wallbox is built into an EV charging cable. It adapts to the available power from 2.3kW upto 22kW. Works with both single and 3 phase supplies.

Charge Anywhere

Extends the charging options for your electric vehicle. There is no need to rely on public charging stations. Can be used both at home and abroad.

Safe mobile charging 

For safety, you should always charge an electric car using dedicated charging equipment. An EV should not be plugged directly into household 13A power sockets. NRGkick complies with all safety standards for electric vehicle chargepoints it:

  • Detects the adaptor being used and responds to the available current
  • Performs a self check every time it charges
  • Charges in extreme weather conditions hot or cold
  • Provides residual current protection to prevent charging accidents

NOTE: For use with a UK 3 pin plug please order a a CEE32-Type G (UK) or CEE16-Type G (UK) adapter

Installation (NRGkick)

There are no installation requirements for NRGkick, this is one of its key advantages over a “wallbox” style EV chargepoint.  NRGkick can just be plugged in using the NRGkick Type G UK adapter for either the 16A or 32A NRGkick

However, if you do have a 3 phase supply at your property you may want to have a 3 phase “Commando plug” installed by an electrician. This would allow you to charge your electric vehicle using the 22kW rapid charge capability of the NRGkick 32A.

Please see our installation page to select an installer in your area.  Some of our installers have national coverage so if there does not appear to be an installer close to you please either give us a call on 01223 736900 or email us at so we can recommend an installer.

More Information
PowerAvailable in 16Amp and 32Amp options, with charging options from 6Amps upwards dependant on available power
DC Leakage ProtectionDC leakage protection built into the cable
Control Inputs / OutputsNRGkick can all be set to work at different power levels from 1.4kW to 22kW dependent on available power and the power needs of the car
WarrantyNRGkick has a 2 year warranty as standard
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