Power up to 22kW

The safety of a wallbox is built into an EV charging cable. It adapts to the available power from 2.3kW upto 22kW. Works with both single and 3 phase supplies.

Charge anywhere

Extends the charging options for your electric vehicle. There is no need to rely on public charging stations. Can be used both home and abroad.

Smartphone controlled

The NRGkick app gives you extra control. With several options. It displays charging information including energy used and charging costs on your smartphone.



NRGKick - The safest mobile charging unit on the market

For safety, always charge an electric car using dedicated charging equipment. An EV should not be plugged directly into household power sockets. NRGkick complies with all safety standards for electric vehicle chargepoints.
  • Detects the adaptor being used and responds to the available current
  • Performs a self check every time it charges
  • Charges in extreme weather conditions hot or cold
  • Provides residual current protection to prevent charging accidents

Smartphone App to control your EV charger at home and abroad

The NRGkick comes with a smartphone app available for Android & IOS. The app allows you to control the charging process. You can start or stop the charging process, just adjust the charging current at any time. Limit the total amount of charge, and much more. The app gives you a complete picture. It includes a display of charging costs, CO2 savings, current charge state, and much more.


Safe adaptable charging

Safety first

With continuous current monitoring and management

Adjustable charging current

At the push of a button the charging current can be changed

Available everywhere

Turn any and every socket into a chargepoint

Load Management

Up to 15 c-series units can be used with an x-series. Loads can be managed when several EV's are charging at the same time.

Small and lightweight

The most compact mobile unit on the market

Single and 3 phase

Allows for fully controlled charging power from 2.3kW up to 22kW


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