Communication control

The OCPP communication standard makes controlled charging, monitoring and billing possible.

GSM Interface

For locations without network connections, the x-series makes it possible to connect wirelessly to a central system via GSM.

Local load management

The x-series can control the charging processes of up to 15 KeContact P30 c-series managing the power available.

The Keba P30 KeContact x-series

The x-series builds on the features of all other models. Whilst also having the ability to integrate to business systems. Systems included are finance and billing so employee of customer electricity usage can be calculated. The "x-series" makes local load management possible.


Smart charging solutions

Because of the need to charge of several electric vehicles at the same time. The required energy demand can exceed the available charging capacity. Load management makes it possible to smooth out the load. It manages connected vehicles by distribution of energy to prevent unmanageable peak loads.

Available electricity is therefore used in the best possible way. Costs are reduced in the long-term and energy consumption managed. External meter data can easily be read. The charging processes can be controlled depending on each premises and the power grid.

X-Series features

Single or 3 phase charging

Charging power of between 2.3kW and 22kW

User authorisation

Secure with RFID and key lock options

With or without cable

A 4m or 6m tethered cable can be added as an option

Load Management

Communication and control centre for up to 16 chargepoints

Software can be updated

Via USB or ethernet

GSM Connectivity

Always online with additional communication interfaces for businesses


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