KEBA KeContact P30 x-series with 3G GSM connection and RFID - OLEV grant funded | Romatech The KEBA KeContact P30 x-series EV charger is available on the OLEV Workplace and Homecharge schemes. Find out how to claim your OLEV grant today. 102074-OLEV KEBA
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The smart connected EV chargepoint. With an output of upto 22kW. Single or 3 phase charging. Optional RFID for security or MID meter. With or without tethered cable. OCPP compliant with GPRS communication. Inbuilt load management of connected chargepoints.

The KeContact x-series wallbox

The x-series builds on the features of all other models. It also has the ability to integrate to business backend and smart home systems. Systems included are finance and billing so employee or customer electricity usage can be calculated. It also has the option of added MID metering for accurate reporting.

Compliant with OLEV Smart charging requirements for Home and Workplace Charging Schemes

The x-series is fully compliant with OLEV smart charging requirements for both connectivity and smart controls. It also has the ability to integrate to workplace  backend systems. Systems included are finance and billing so employee or customer electricity usage can be calculated. 

Local Load Management

The x-series can control the charging of up to 15 KeContact P30 c-series by managing the power available. Because of the need to charge of several electric vehicles at the same time the required energy demand often exceeds the available charging capacity. Load management makes it possible to smooth out the load. It manages connected vehicles by distribution of energy to prevent unmanageable peak loads.

Configure your own EV charging rules

The charging processes can be controlled depending on the needs  of each vehicle, premises and the power available. 

OCPP Communication Control

The OCPP communication standard makes controlled charging, monitoring and billing possible.

GSM Interface

The x-series connects wirelessly to central systems via a GSM connection. It also connects to open charging networks to allow for payment for chargepoint usage using credit cards, apple or google pay.

In order to qualify for the OLEV EV homecharge and workplace grant this product requires professional installation by an OLEV accredited EV chargepoint installer for KEBA Chargepoints.  

All of our installers are trained and OLEV certified to install KEBA EV Chargepoints. 

Please see our installation page to select an installer in your area.  Some of our installers have national coverage so if there does not appear to be an installer close to you please either give us a call on 01223 736900 or email us at so we can recommend an installer.

KEBA EV chargepoints are high quality, easy for an electrician to install and have minimal maintenance costs. Please contact us if you require further information on KEBA chargepoints or want help choosing the right OLEV grant funded smart chargepoint for today and into the future.

More Information
Tethered CableNone
PowerSingle or three phase charger, the power can be configured up to 22kW
DC Leakage ProtectionInbuilt RCB type B DC leakage detection
Software UpdatesCan be updated Via USB or Ethernet
Connectivityx-series chargers have Ethernet online connectivity (RJ45)The x-series additionally has a GSM 3G interface
Control Inputs / OutputsThe x series can all be configured to operate at different power levels from 2.3kW to 22kW dependent on available power and the power needs of the car
Overcurrent DetectionAs standard on the x-series
Smart InterfaceThe x series come with a UDP smart home interface
OCPP CommunicationThe x series come with an OCPP interface for communication to backend systems
Warranty3 year warranty as standard- can be extended to 5 years as an option
OLEV Grant FundedYes
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