KEBA KeContact P30 c-series with Energy and Solar Management |Romatech The KEBA KeContact P30 c-series works with Smappee Infinity to charge your car from solar and the energy cheapest tariffs. Save money today with KEBA and Smappee. KEBA KeContact P30 c-series - Smappee

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The KEBA c-series chargepoint with Smappee Infinity allows your car to charge from solar or the cheapest available power e.g. from night time tariffs. This solution also allows you to balance your EV charging against your house power use to ensure the most cost effective EV charging. The smappee infinity also monitors your home energy use and allows you to manage your total home and EV charging energy consumption.

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KEBA-P30-c-series-chargepoint-with-smappee-infinity-for the-management-of-solar-powered-EVcharging
KEBA KeContact P30 c-series with Smappee Energy and Solar Management

£1,265.04 Excl. VAT


    The KeContact P30 c-series EV charging station with Smappee Infinity

    The c-series chargepoint comes with upto 22kW charging and has a number communication interfaces. It connects to the Smappee Infinity smart energy monitoring and management solution. It is available with either a type 2 socket or a 4 or 6M tethered cable. The KEBA c-series chargepoint can be installed in single or three phase homes.

    Suitable for home and business use

    It is suitable for both home and business use to optimsie solar power self-consumption and to benefit from cheaper tariffs.  

    Smart home Integration

    The KEBA KeContact c-series connects to Smappee Infinity smart energy management systems to make smart EV charging possible. Your EV can be charged from either excess solar power or cheaper nightime tariffs whilst ensuring your grid energy use is optimised. 

    EV Charging from solar power for homes and businesses

    The KEBA c- series with Smappee can integrate with your PV solar power system to ensure excess solar power or other renewable energy can be used to charge your EV. It can also charge from energy stored in a solar storage or hybrid battery.

    KEBA & Smappee Infinity EV Solar charging Kit

    Smappee Infinity allows you to see real-time and historical energy use and EV charging data on the smappee dashboard and smappee app. Helping you to save energy at home and when charging your car by:

    • Optimising self-consumption of renewable energy e.g Solar PV.
    • Working with smart home and IoT products.
    • Submetering with NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) identifies up to 5 appliances and maps out their approximate energy
    • Suitable for single, two and three-phase EV chargepoint connections.
    • It is a modular, easily extensible future-proof EV charging and energy management solution

    EV Charger Kit Contents

    The Smappee infinity three phase starter kit is compatible with electrical installations worldwide. It is suitable for single phase connections. The starter kit is designed to support a full Smappee installation and includes: 

    • Incl. 1 KEBA c-series chargepoint (with or without 4M tether)
    • Incl. 1 Smappee Power Box
    • Incl. 1 Smappee Genius
    • Incl. 1 Smappee CT Hub
    • Incl. 1 CT's 100A
    • Incl. 2 CT's 50A
    • Incl. 5 year Data Usage License for access to the Smappee infinity energy management dashboard and app.(this can be renewed after 5 years for a charge of £55.00 for a further 5 years)

    This product requires professional installation by an electrician trained to install Electric Vehicle Chargepoints. 

    All of our installers are trained and certified to install KEBA EV Chargepoints. Please see our installation page to select an installer in your area.  Some of our installers have national coverage so if there does not appear to be an installer close to you please either give us a call on 01223 736900 or email us at so we can recommend an installer.

    KEBA EV chargepoints and Smappee Infinity are high quality products, easy for an electrician to install and have minimal maintenance costs.  Please contact us if you require further information on KEBA chargepoints and smart EV  charging or want help choosing the right smart EV charging solution for today and into the future.

    Smappee Infinity EV charging brochure
    KEBA KeContact P30 Charging Station Operating instructions V 3.23
    Smappee Infinity brochure
    Smappee Infinity Solar PV self consumption brochure
    More Information
    Tethered CableNone
    PowerSingle and three phase charger, the power can be configured up to 22kW
    DC Leakage ProtectionInbuilt RCB type B DC leakage detection
    Software UpdatesCan be updated Via USB or Ethernet
    Connectivityc-series KEBA chargers have Ethernet online connectivity (RJ45). The Smappee Infinity is also connected via Ethernet
    Control Inputs / OutputsThe c series can all be configured to operate at different power levels from 2.3kW to 22kW dependent on available power and the power needs of the car
    Overcurrent DetectionAs standard on the KEBA chargepoint
    Smart InterfaceThe KEBA c series chargepoint come with a smart home interface to communicate with the Smappee Infinity energy control system
    Warranty2 years warranty as standard
    OLEV Grant FundedYes
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