KEBA KeContact P30 c-series with RFID and MID Meter - 6 metre Cable | Romatech KEBA KeContact P30 c-series smart online EV chargepoint for use in homes, businesses and commercial installations. Discover more about KEBA EV chargers today. 105144 KEBA
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The smart online EV charging station. With an output of upto 22kW. Single or 3 phase charging. With RFID for security and a MID meter for accurate reporting. Comes with an 4 metre tethered cable. OCPP and UDP compliant with network communication. Connects to smart energy and smart home systems.

The KeContact P30 c-series EV charging station

The c-series offers all of the features of the e and b-series with more communication interfaces. It connects to a Smart Home hub or additional KeContact P30s chargepoints.  The c-series comes with upto 22kW charging. It is available with either a 4M or 6M tethered cable, or no cable. It also has the option of added MID metering for accurate reporting.

Suitable for home and business use

It is suitable for both home and business use. People with company cars can simply bill the company for energy charged at home. Businesses can use it to calculate BIK. 

Smart home Integration

The communication capabilities of the c-series make smart charging possible. It connects to smart home hubs or other KeContact P30 chargepoints for smart charging.

Charging from solar power for homes and businesses

The c- series can integrate with PV solar power to ensure excess solar power or other renewable energy can be used to charge your EV. It can also charge from energy stored in an energy storage battery.

Power load management for business fleet vehicles

Up to 15 c-series can be connected to an x-series. This allows local load management which allows you to manage the available power. It also connects to backend office systems. For businesses, this means you can measure energy use by user, which can be used for employee payments or BIK calculations .

The smart online EV charging station . With an output of upto 22kW. Single or 3 phase charging. Optional RFID for security. With or without tethered cable. OCPP and UDP compliant with network communication. Connects to smart energy and smart home systems.

More Information
Tethered Cable4 metre
PowerSingle or three phase charger, the power can be configured up to 22kW
DC Leakage ProtectionInbuilt RCB type B DC leakage detection
Software UpdatesCan be updated Via USB or Ethernet
ConnectivityKeContact P30 c-series EV chargers have ethernet online connectivity (RJ45)
Control Inputs / OutputsThe c series can all be configured to operate at different power levels from 2.3kW to 22kW dependent on available power and the power needs of the car
Overcurrent DetectionAs standard on the c-series
Smart InterfaceThe c series comes with a UDP smart home interface as standard
OCPP CommunicationThe c series comes with an OCPP interface for communication when used in combination with an x-series
Warranty2 year warranty as standard- can be extended to 5 years as an option
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