Smart home integration

The communication capabilities of the c-series make smart charging possible. For example from a solar photovoltaic system.

Always connected

It connects to smart home hubs or other KeContact P30 chargepoints for smart charging.

Connection with x-series

Up to 15 c-series can be connected to an x-series. This allows local load management and connections to backend office systems.

The Keba P30 KeContact c-series

The c-series also offers all of the features of the e and b-series with more communication interfaces. It has a permanent connection to Smart Home hub or additional KeContact P30s. People with company cars can simply bill the company for energy charged at home. The c-series comes in 11kW and 22kW charging options. It is available with either a 4M or 6M tethered cable, or no cable. It also has the option of added MID metering for accurate reporting.


Safe and Smart

For safety, it is especially important to always charge your electric car at a dedicated charging station and not at a household power socket.

The KeContact P30 charging station is intelligent. It can also be integrated into your smart home. Or connected to use excess self-generated electricity from your Solar PV system. Electricity stored in a home battery can also be used to charge your electric vehicle.

C-Series features

Single or 3 phase charging

Charging power of between 2.3kW and 22kW

User authorisation

Secure with RFID and key lock options

With or without cable

A 4m or 6m tethered cable can be added as an option

Load Management

Up to 15 c-series units can be used with an x-series. Loads can be managed when several EV's are charging at the same time.

Software can be updated

Via USB or ethernet

Smart home and systems integration

Additional communication interfaces that work with smart home or business back-end systems


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