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The Alpitronic HYC75 superfast charger has a 15” digital display and offers a 75kW, 250A charging output.  Using the same housing it can be upgraded to the HYC150 which offers a 150kW, 500A charging output, or 2 x 75kW parallel charging.  An additional 22kW AC socket can also be added to provide EV charging for upto 3 vehicles at the same time.

hypercharger 75

75kW rapid charging station for electric vehicles, the hyper charger is suitable for public charging in car parks and shopping centres. The hypercharger is modular so additional powerstacks can be added if faster charging is required or more electric vehicles need to be rapid charged. Allowing you to future proof your investment.

Compact Design 

Despite it's huge output power the hypercharger has a remarkably slim exterior and compact footprint. It comes in a number of colours and is brandable

Easy user access

The hypercharger 75 has a digital display providing user instructions. The screen height can be adjusted to meet accessibility requirements. EV drivers can pay for charging either by using the contactless payment option of via an open EV charging network app.

Configured to meet all EV charging standards

The hypercharger can be used to rapid charge any vehicle as it supports all standards including:

  • CCS 1 & CCS 2
  • CHAdeMO
  • GBT
  • 22kW AC fast charging in parallel

Future proof 75kW rapid charging - upgradable to 150kW ultra fast charging

Additional powerstacks can be added if faster charging is required or more electric vehicles need to be rapid charged. Fitting of a 2nd powerstack is easy and quick for an engineer to do. 

Easy Servicing Access

The hypercharger is easiliy accessed for servicing and maintenance the rear panel can be opened so a service engineer can access all of the components.

More Information
Product Dimensions2235x854x742
PowerRapid charger with 75kW DC charging power
Software UpdatesSoftware updates are applied to the chargepoint via GSM 3G or 4G connection
ConnectivityGSM-/CDMA-Modem, 10/100Base T-Ethernet
Control Inputs / Outputs117A, 80kW @75kW DC output power
Smart Interface15" colour display
OCPP CommunicationOCPP 1.6 Protocol
Warranty2 year warranty as standard- can be extended to 5 years as an option
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