Software reassurance for the EV charger industry

6 September 2021

 As home EV chargepoints become more sophisticated, security is at a premium.

With the UK Government keen to accelerate take-up of electric vehicles, ensuring the software behind a raft of smart home EV chargers, has become a focus.

Romatech works with EV charger manufacturers who meet and excel government guidelines, providing reassurance for anyone looking to install a home chargepoint. 

Government steps up EV charger security

Cyber-security has become a daily challenge in our everyday lives and that stretches to EV chargepoints.

The Government’s OZEV grant is dependent on the home charger using smart technology and in the coming weeks, it is set to introduce a range of cyber-security requirements that EV chargepoints must meet.

According to the BBC, the Department for Culture Media and Sport legislation will apply to many connected or "smart" consumer devices.

How secure are EV home chargers currently?

The home charger market continues to expand at pace, as demand for electric vehicles increases.

However, the technology within each home charger, varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and some fail to meet the Government’s definition of a smart charger.

Those that do qualify as smart, will soon have to ensure they provide an acceptable level of security against cyber hackers.

In the summer of 2021, the BBC revealed that security researchers had managed to infiltrate the IT systems within two home electric car chargers.

According to reports, the researchers, Pen Test Partners, were able to make the chargers switch on or off, remove the owner's access, and show how a hacker could get into a user's home network.

Whilst many of the faults identified have now been fixed, the incidents highlighted how important it is for home charger owners to update their apps and chargers, to be safe.

Another scenario, where the chargers were connected by wi-fi to the home network, enabled hackers to gain access.

Quality and security assurance

It should be noted that not all home EV chargers are the same.

Romatech is diligent with all of its prospective partners, meaning that you can be sure, prior to working with any chargepoint manufacturer, we test the chargepoints we take on and ensure these are fully compliant both for now and the future.

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