Combating EV range anxiety with NRGkick

10 April 2019

“Range anxiety” or the fear of running out of charge is a real concern for electric vehicle drivers. Having to use expensive and time consuming EV charging stations is also not ideal. For people who are on the move mobile charging equipment is available. This helps you get connected and charge anywhere. EV charging equipment where the charge point is effectively in the cable are known as mode 2 EV chargers. They can be used in place of an EV Wallbox at home and can be used to charge your EV whilst visiting family and friends. NRGkick is the safest and most reliable mobile EV chargepoint on the market.

Can I use NRG Kick as my home EV chargepoint ?

The NRGkick EV charger can be used as your home chargepoint. As well as allowing you to plug in when you are away from home. Even whilst away on holiday, as there is no need for a wallbox. The adaptor kit also allows you to charge your EV when on holiday throughout the UK and Europe.

Does NRGkick need to be plugged into a special socket ?

Due to its flexibility, NRGkick allows most power sources to be used by your electric vehicle. It can be plugged into a normal UK 13amp socket, or directly into a 3 phase 22 kW power supply. NRG kick is a fast charger, although the speed at which your car charges will be dependant on the type of car you have and the available power supplied to NRGkick.  

Why can’t I plug my car directly into a standard 13amp plug socket ?

In theory you can, however it’s pretty risky, there is no protection for your car against power surges from the grid which will damage your car. Or vice versa there is no protection for your home electric circuit against electricity current passing from your car. Electric vehicle batteries are very high voltage, it is therefore really important to use certified mobile charging equipment such as NRGkick for safety reasons.

Is NRGkick as easy to use as an EV wallbox?

NRG kick’s ease  of use combined with high performance has already convinced thousands of european EV drivers to switch to a mobile chargepoint. In addition to being a high quality product, NRGkick has  many smart features. It comes with an app (for both IOS and android) which allows you to control the power used to charge your car from 1.3kW to 22kW. The app also shows how much energy has been used to charge your car along with the cost and mileage it will cover.

Can I get an OLEV grant for NRGkick?

No, unfortunately mode 2 mobile chargepoints do not attract an OLEV homecharge grant. NRG kick requires no electrical installation, so is a good investment for anyone living in a rental property or temporary accommodation who wants to take their EV charger with them when they move house.

Can I use solar power to charge my electric vehicle with NRGkick

With NRGkick connect you can set your EV to charge when you have surplus home generated solar power. NRG kick connect will also soon work with Smart Home systems including Alexa to control your EV charging. To find out more or order NRGkick please visit our website  .

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