Momentum for the workplace EV charger revolution

12 July 2021

As hundreds of thousands of workers finally have the opportunity to return to workplaces, there is likely to be increased competition to attract the best talent. Workplace incentives are nothing new and increasingly, companies are providing free electric vehicle charging from their offices. 

Why are workplace charging schemes so popular?

An article in The Guardian, in March 2020, indicated that over a two-year period, UK businesses were set to spend more than £12bn switching to electric vehicles.

This was part of a survey conducted by Centrica, which established that nearly half of UK businesses had ambitions to invest in chargeable cars and vans in advance of the government’s ban on sales of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035.

But the corporate impact on the EV market extends beyond purchasing vehicles – which of course need somewhere to be charged.

As an encouragement for workers to return to work, the incentive of essentially free vehicle fuel could be a game changer for many companies.

For employees, charging at work can save money and time, as their vehicle can recharge whilst parked up during the day. 

Government help at hand

The Government is encouraging businesses to reduce their carbon footprints by switching to EVs.

Part of that initiative is the Workplace Charging Scheme, which provides businesses, organisations, charities and local authorities with financial support to purchase chargepoints.

At the time of writing, the grant is available up to £350 per socket, at 75% of the installation cost and valid for up to a maximum of 20 sockets, or 40 sockets across all business sites.

As with the Electric Vehicle Homecharging Scheme, stringent eligibility criteria is in place to ensure that applicants qualify for the grant, which is operating by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). One of the key qualifications is dedicated off-street parking.

Romatech and smart chargers 

Romatech has a strong track record in successfully installing multiple chargepoints in business premises.

Our range of chargepoint partners offer rapid chargers that utilise smart technology, allowing multiple vehicles to be charged simultaneously and, where power supply is limited, at prioritised speeds.

If your business is thinking of switching to EVs and installing chargepoints, why not contact Romatech today?

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