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What are the best EV chargers for hotels ?

10 February 2020

Sales of electric vehicles are growing, as sales of petrol and diesel vehicles are declining. There will soon be lots of electric cars on our roads, last week the UK government announced that sales of diesel and petrol cars are to be banned by 2035, 5 years ahead of the previous target.  Many hotels are stepping up their efforts to benefit from the growing demand for EV charging stations. But if the decision to install EV chargers seems easy, choosing what kind of charging station to install is much more complicated. Factors can include compatibility between charger and vehicle, different partnership models with the supplying company and different ways of sharing revenue.

Why install EV chargepoints at your hotel

Hotels who have installed EV charging stations are benefiting from positive customer reviews from EV drivers whilst also using their EV chargers as a marketing tool to:

  • To attract more guests who need to charge overnight

  • To attract more business from other visitors who wish to use their hotel, e.g. for business meetings, lunches or evening meals

  • To advertise their hotel, by choosing for it to appear on online maps and apps that publicise charging locations

  • To offer something different and be ahead of the competition

  • To boost their environmental credentials.

How to choose the right EV charger for your hotel

Once a hotel has decided to install EV chargers the next step is determining what kind of charger is right for the market. Depending on a combination of the model of the car and the charger, the charging process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours. EV chargepoints are available in slow, fast and rapid. A slow EV charging station is an option if guests are staying overnight and have time to spare. But not if a hotel wants to capture short-term visitors who are eager to get back on the road. Someone stopping by for a 30-minute charge can spend money in the hotel’s coffee shop or restaurant, so choosing a fast or rapid charger can help drive additional revenue.  The EV chargepoint solution should also be scalable as overtime more people will need to charge their EVs overnight. This will mean adding more chargepoints and managing the available power.  Rapid DC charging stations are also an option so cars can be charged in 15-30 minutes.

How to choose the right EV charging station for your hotel

To help you decide which type of EV charger is best for your hotel, consider the following: 

  • Do your guests only have a requirement to charge up overnight, or do you attract daytime and evening business from other visitors who require a faster charge?

  • Do you wish to offer charging as a free service, or bill people for its use?

  • If you bill people, do you want to just recover the cost of the electricity used? 

  • Do you have suitable parking bays close to a wall, or will the EV chargepoints need to be free standing?

  • What power supply do you have available compared to the type number of EV chargers you wish to install?

Choosing the right EV charging payment model for your hotel

The next decision, then, is who should pay how much for what. In some cases,  hotels simply provide the parking space and the partner funds and provides the charger and payment infrastructure.  Then they get the revenue from the individuals as they charge their cars, she said. Shared revenue models are another option.  Hotels can always buy or lease chargers outright and then determine what, if anything, they want to charge guests or passers-by to use the device.

The future of Electric Vehicles and Hotels 

Electric vehicles are increasingly popular, thanks to improved opportunities and improved technology. The range has improved, which allows guests to travel further than previously. Most electric vehicles being launched at the moment have ranges of 200 to 300+ miles. The speed of charging of electric vehicles is also increasing from 3.6kWh to in some cases 22kWh, with the majority of electric vehicles charging at 7.4 or 11kW. Hotel guests will be looking for EV chargepoints where they can stay and charge their car overnight. Having the charging stations available for that market drives demand for the hotel, and that, in turn, creates an improved business model. Thanks to apps that can tell drivers not only where they can charge their cars, but what kind of charger is available, travelling in an EV is becoming much easier. 

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