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What are the benefits of smart EV charging ?

18 June 2020

There are many so-called “Smart EV chargers” on the market, but not all of them are very smart. In OLEV grant terms a smart EV chargepoint needs to have “connectivity” either mobile or via your home or business network. They also have to be able to receive and send messages about the amount of charge used. Sadly today most chargepoints advertised as smart are not even connected. So most EV drivers are not benefiting from their smart features.

How do smart EV chargers work ?

Smart EV chargers work by scheduling the time at which your EV charges based on your energy tariff and the current carbon intensity of the grid. With a dumb EV chargepoint most drivers come home from work, plug in, and start charging right away – but this coincides with the peak in home energy demand. Smart chargepoints control EV charging, so when demand in the house has gone down, and greener, cheaper energy is more readily available your electric vehicle will charge. 

Is smart charging better for the environment ?

Really smart EV charging software knows how carbon intensive energy production is at any given time. So If you prefer,  your smart charger can charge when there is more renewable energy in the grid. The only EV chargepoint on the market at the moment that can do this without needing extra components or software is the Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger.

Can I save money by smart charging my car ?

The Ohme App knows which energy tariff you are on. It also knows when your electricity rates are at their lowest. You could save as much as £300 per year by smart charging using an agile or EV driver tariff compared to using a standard variable energy tariff. 

Will my car be charged when I need it ?

You can create charging schedules to fit around your off-peak electricity rates or set up multiple schedules to suit your lifestyle, such as a "Daily Commute" schedule or "Weekend Trips". This will ensure that you have enough power in your car for the next day, even for longer journeys. Simply tell your Ohme App how many miles you want to travel the next day and what time you want to leave your house and they will ensure your car is charged in line with your desired charge target. 

How do I understand what my EV is costing me to run ?

The Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger is the only EV charger in the UK market that can sync with your energy tariff, so it knows exactly when your cheapest electricity rates are. This means the Ohme can automatically charge your vehicle at the cheapest times, whilst also giving you precise costs of charging.

How does my Ohme Charger connect to the App ?

The Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger uses a mobile data connection to communicate with the Ohme software and your smartphone app. This is more stable than WiFi and the SIM card and data are included within the price of the chargepoint. However a reliable mobile phone signal at the charge point location is important for the charge scheduling and app features to work.

Can I fully charge my EV using the Octopus Agile Tariff ?

The Ohme's ability to automatically charge when electricity prices are low means it is the perfect companion for the Octopus Agile energy tariff. The prices on this tariff follow wholesale energy costs, helping you save money. Prices can go so low that sometimes you can even get paid to use electricity.

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