More UK cities could charge car pollutants

19 July 2021

Drivers in London will already be aware of the daily congestion charge to reduce carbon emissions in the Capital.

There are of course exemptions within the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), for those driving electric vehicles. But London is not alone in charging drivers of petrol and diesel vehicles. From June 2021, Birmingham introduced an £8 per day charge to petrol and diesel owners

Changing trends boost the case for EV

Birmingham’s charge will introduce daily fees for vehicles causing the most pollution within the city centre, as the city aims to meet air pollution targets.

Councillor Waseem Zaffar stated: "Back in 2017 the Conservative Government issued us with a directive to bring down levels of nitrous oxide (mostly generated by vehicle fumes) to a maximum average of 40μg/m3 (40 parts per cubic metre) as soon as possible.

"We looked at a range of options but ultimately we needed to act quickly.

"A charging Clean Air Zone is the best option to bring about rapid change."

This initiative raises the question of whether other cities and regions may follow suit in the months and years to come.

As cities look to reduce carbon emissions in order to satisfy targets, there are a number of options available to people looking to avoid congestion charges: bicycles, public transport and electric vehicles are the predominant choices. 

Benefits of going electric 

There are many benefits to switching to an electric vehicle.

Not only will this in many cases qualify for exemptions from congestion charges, but you will in most cases by reducing carbon emissions.

Electric vehicles are typically cheaper to run than petrol or diesel vehicles and there is far more choice nowadays, with major automotive manufacturers seemingly launching new makes each month.

What’s more, for the time being the Government will offer financial help with the purchase of an EV and the cost of a chargepoint and its installation.

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