Survey demonstrates how ‘smart’ EV drivers are

23 June 2021

An Ofgem survey has revealed how EV drivers are willing to adapt to smart technologies, using time of use tariffs to save money.

The Government’s OZEV grant, worth up to £350 off the cost of an EV chargepoint and installation, requires the chargepoint to be ‘smart’ and the survey underlines how EV drivers are making the most of technology.

Savvy EV charging

According to the research, EV owners are three times more likely to consider time of use tariffs such as economy 7 or Octopus Go, than those without an EV.

The report suggests that EV owners are aware of utilising the cheapest rates for charging their vehicles, with 60% saying they would consider smart charging their vehicle to avoid times when electricity is most expensive.

Jonathan Brearley, Ofgem’s chief executive, said: “As more consumers make the switch to electric vehicles in the next five years, Ofgem will be announcing millions of pounds of investment to create a more flexible energy system to support the electrification of vehicles, renewable generation and low carbon forms of heat.

“Securing the investment is only half of the answer. Climate change can only be tackled if consumers are engaged in the process. For this to happen the transition to a low carbon economy needs to be fair, inclusive and affordable." 

EV Chargepoint accessibility

The survey also looked at reasons why the public are not switching to electric vehicles, with 38% of respondents indicating they are unlikely to buy an EV in the next five years.

Reasons cited include vehicle costs, a short life battery and concerns over not being to charge close to home.

Meanwhile, separate research from NewMotion, found that 28% of its UK respondents felt the increasing availability of electric cars was helping to drive an upsurge in EV owners.

This was supported by increasing chargepoint availability and broader awareness of the environmental benefits.

This report revealed that 72% of UK respondents had installed a personal chargepoint, while 47% of UK drivers are using on-street charging.

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