Government EVHS update bad news for installers

27 September 2021

Electric vehicle chargepoint installers face months more of paperwork frustration, following the Government’s recent announcement that the launch of a digital EVHS process, has been delayed.

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme is the Government’s grant – worth up to £350, towards the cost of an EV charger and its installation.

However, there are a number of qualifying rules that must be met, in order for the customer to receive the discount – and evidence, in the form of paperwork, which much be submitted to the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). 

Red tape costing time

For many electricians who are qualified to install chargepoints under the EVHS system, the red tape associated – such as completing an OZEV form, providing evidence that the vehicle is eligible and that the customer has off-street parking, submitting details to the customer’s Distribution Network Operator (DNO), submitting photographs of the installation, arranging the installation date and proving the customer has ownership of the vehicle, can be time-consuming and can have a significant impact on their business.

The Government had been aiming to introduce a streamlined, smoother online process, by the September 2021.

However, a recent email to qualified installers, explained:

“We have reviewed the timelines for delivery of the digitalisation project for the current EVHS. Based on our best estimates of a ‘go-live’ date and having considered comments from installers on transitioning the current manual process to a digital one this financial year, we have decided to continue with the status quo of manual processing of claims until the end of the financial year. This means that we won’t transition within year to a digital replacement.  

“We recognise that the manual processes for the current scheme as a whole are not sustainable, which is why we have hired additional staff over the summer, and have initiated plans to hire more staff to sustain the current scheme until it is terminated at the end of this financial year. This will provide a clean break and allow us to build, test and deliver and high-quality digital service for extensions to the EVHS and WCS, that will be fit for purpose in years to come.” 

Alleviating the pain

Whilst the Government’s announcement is sure to cause frustration for installers bogged down by manual processes and paperwork, there is a solution.

Romatech has an ever-growing network of EV installers across the UK.

Those members enjoy a number of benefits, as Romatech will:

  • Provide installation customers;

  • Process OZEV grant claims, including the paperwork;

  • Manage installer diaries and liaise with customers for suitable booking dates;

  • Provide free marketing for installers.

Are you an EV installer? Why not get in touch with Romatech today, to discuss joining our network?


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