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Now is the time to buy an EV chargepoint

30 March 2021

Better weather, longer day light hours and the opportunity to venture further afield are all good reasons why electric vehicle owners should invest in an EV chargepoint now.

Post-lockdown travel

Lockdown in the UK has restricted how far we are permitted to travel – putting less of an onus on charging, for many EV owners. However, as lockdown is finally set to ease, the freedom to travel longer distances will potentially result in a lot more charging time for EVs. Many people have decided to purchase EVs during the Covid pandemic, in order to go greener.

But with restrictions on travel and the fear of spreading or receiving the virus, new EV owners understandably may not have welcomed installers into their homes.

Less travel may have meant less demand for charging and for many owners, simply plugging into a three-pin socket at home, might have seemed sufficient.

Why choose a chargepoint over a three-pin

There are a number of very good reasons for installing and using a chargepoint, rather than relying on a three-pin socket, for charging an EV.

Firstly, it is much faster to charge your vehicle via a chargepoint. Depending on your EV and its battery, a 7.4kW point takes from 3 to 4 hours to charge which is significantly faster than a three-pin.

Having a location of your choice for your chargepoint, will in most cases make access a lot easier when charging the vehicle. With a three-pin, that option is typically taken away.

Using a chargepoint is much safer than plugging your vehicle into a three-pin. This is because home chargepoints are connected directly into the fuse box, or meter cabinet meaning no additional load is placed on other wiring or circuits and they include overload protection circuitry. Chargepoints also include built-in safety features and will automatically switch off when the vehicle is fully charged.

Take control and install a chargepoint

So with better weather and the hope of less restricted travel around the corner, many drivers’ EVs might be travelling a lot more miles and requiring more regular charging in the near future. What better time to take advantage of the Government’s OZEV grant and to order and install a chargepoint?

Start your journey to quicker, safer, more efficient charging today, by contacting Romatech.

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