Keba Smart charging sophistication

18 June 2021

Home electric vehicle chargepoints are becoming more sophisticated, with a range of benefits and features increasingly putting you in control.

But few can match the game-changing functions on the simple-to-use new KEBA P30 Fast Smart, exclusive to Romatech in the UK.

KEBA a name you can trust

The KEBA name has been synonymous with world class EV chargepoints for over twelve years now.

Utilising Austrian efficiency and expertise, KEBA’s chargepoints have always been designed and built to last. Back in 2009, the concept of electric vehicles replacing petrol and diesel cars was a dream of the future.

Today the Austrian electronics expert has sold more than 200,000 EV chargepoints around the world. As a result, KEBA is now one of the top 3 global market leaders in the manufacture of smart EV charging stations.

The KEBA P30 Fast Smart

So, what makes the KEBA P30 Fast Smart so different?

By optimising the smart options, you can charge your vehicle the greenest way and save money. KEBA have partnered with energy technology specialists, to deliver a charging app that utilises the smartest, greenest and cheapest charge. All whilst providing you with the option to earn rewards.

The KEBA P30 Fast Smart is compatible with all major UK energy supplier tariffs.

The app enables you to automatically optimise your charging to the cheapest tariff rate, allowing savings of an average of £250 per year off your energy bill. The chargepoint communicates via 4G, WiFi or ethernet, so it offers options and is not restricted by mobile signal strength. 

By charging greener, you can earn points towards smart rewards. 

The basics

  • Fast charging up to 7.4 or 22kW, depending on your home power supply.

  • Universal (type 2) socketed version, for a streamlined look on your wall.

  • 4 or 6 metre tethered option, with a neat cable holder for added convenience.

  • UV protected so it will look as good in 10 years as it does today.

Get an EV chargepoint quote today

Contact Romatech today for an installation quote for the KEBA P30 Fast Smart. Our quotes are unique to your circumstances and incorporate the government’s OZEV grant, with no hidden extras

All installations are carried out by our nationwide network of fully-qualified KEBA-certified electricians.

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