How do I Optimise the performance of my EV battery ?

16 August 2021

One of the key aspects to effectively running an electric vehicle is to understand how to get the best out of the battery. 

New research from Altelium, suggests that EV charging practices can have a big bearing on the lifespan of a battery. 

Report reveals the key factors in battery ageing

The report shows that temperature and state of charge (SoC) impacts on the degradation of lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs). 

Altelium, an EV battery warranty provider, looked specifically at the issue of calendar degradation of li-ion batteries – the result of chemical deterioration of batteries when they are not in use, especially when the vehicle is parked. 

The findings reveal that optimising overall battery life, occurs when the battery is charged from 10% and recharged to 80%, rather than allowing it to reach zero and then charging to 100%. 

Furthermore, the ‘worst’ scenario for parking a vehicle is when the SoC is between 70 and 80% full, as this potentially causes the most calendar ageing. 

Accordingly, the report indicates that a parked vehicle, with an EV battery stored at 70 to 80%, has the potential to lose between 4% and 8% of its capacity to hold charge, in just 12 months.

Dr. Alana Zülke, lead research author and member of the battery research team at Altelium, said: “What happens if you are a very conservative driver, who prefers to daily top up your car battery, so it stands at an 80% overnight, always ensuring that you always have maximum energy reserve ready to use? 

“Although four to eight per cent may not sound that much, you have to remember that current li-ion batteries on the market used in EVs are deemed to need replacing when their ability to hold charge drops by as little as twenty or thirty per cent. In this scenario, 8% becomes a pivotal margin.

“The previous history of these batteries, including calendar ageing, will impact their second-life performance.” 

Temperature also plays its part in degradation and reducing the temperature experienced by the battery from 40 to 25 degrees celsius can almost double the overall lifetime of the battery. 

So if you have – or are thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle, it is worth considering how to get the most out of your EV battery.

Of course you will still need to charge your battery and what better way than to do so at home? 

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