Electricians can benefit from Romatech partnerships

21 June 2021

The surge in electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint installations offers electricians an exciting revenue stream, with Romatech always on the lookout for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Cut the time, cost and paperwork for your EV installs

For many installers, the challenge of EV charger installations comes not from the physical work, but from the paperwork and time involved, particularly when it comes to applying the Government’s OZEV grant.

Working with Romatech alleviates much of this strain and has a variety of benefits to partner electricians.

The Romatech proposition for electricians

Why not join us today and enjoy a range of perks?

Sales leads: we will contact you with qualified sales leads, when we have an installation in your area. The leads will come with full support, including photographs, to outline what the job will entail. Romatech generates its own leads from our own website but we also work with leading chargepoint manufacturers and charger comparison websites.

Third party scheduling: We will liaise with you and the customer, to find the best time and date for the installation, saving you time.

We provide next day delivery of chargers and parts for your installations and also supply parts kits for your installations.

Product training and accreditation: Romatech runs regular workshops on our world-class chargepoint partner products; outlining how to install products and providing support and accreditation.

Free marketing for your business, including a company listing on the Romatech website and our installer partner websites.

Third party communication with DNOs: the Government’s rules require installers to obtain permission from the relevant DNO, ahead of each EV charger installation. We will undertake this task, saving you further time.

A significant reduction in OZEV paperwork: the Government grant requires accuracy and a lot of investment in time, to ensure that each application is correctly completed. This can take up an enormous amount of your time, but Romatech can undertake most of this work.

Other points to consider

Joining Romatech means you are aligned to a company with a strong reputation for quality and excellent customer service. We monitor quality by carrying out customer online and telephone surveys.

We provide transparency for all customer quotes with installation method statements.

We pay you within 5 business days of work completion.

Stay up to date with industry changes: You will receive blogs, newsletters and social media content to share, to promote your EV installation business.

We operate a dedicated customer support desk, with qualified electricians available to handle queries. This includes installer technical help on-hand for specifying commercial installations.

When necessary, we will liaise with our manufacturers on your behalf.

The EV chargepoint installation industry offers huge opportunity for electricians over the coming years. Work smart and join the Romatech team by contacting us today!


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