How easy is it to have an EV chargepoint installed at home ?

8 March 2021

With the rapid growth in electric vehicles, the next few years are likely to see a huge influx in the number of EV chargepoint installations into the UK’s homes.

What considerations are involved in installing a chargepoint ?

When you are thinking about buying an electric car one of the first things to consider is whether you would like (and can have) an EV chargepoint installed at your home. It is wise to start thinking about this early in your car purchase process as there a few things to consider:

When ordering a chargepoint, think about where you would like the chargepoint installing. Do you want it on the front of your house, in your garage or is your parking sited away from your house ? All these factors will impact the installation of your chargepoint.

At Romatech we are always happy to discuss the installation process at any time and will work closely with you to ensure that your installation does not negatively affect the appearance of your property.

How is an EV charger installed ? 

The chargepoint can be connected via a cable to either the fuse board or inside the meter cabinet, depending on which is the easiest and best looking route.

Most chargepoints will need to be connected to an earth spike, or an earth protection device. An earth spike will need to go into the ground usually close to the chargepoint. If this is not possible due to tarmac, paving or concrete an earth protection device can be used instead this can be located inside or outside the house depending on the device chosen. There are a few chargepoints which have the earth protection inside them as an alternative.

How long does an EV chargepoint installation take?

An EV charger installation can be completed in as little as a couple of hours, depending on a number of factors such as the complexity of the installation and the distance the cabling has to go. The installation time also depends on the brand of chargepoint you choose.

Does my power need to be turned off when my EV charger is installed?

This will depend on how the chargepoint is being installed and where the cabling is coming from. If the power does need to be turned off this may be for up to half an hour.

Will the installation affect the appearance of my property?

This very much depends on the type of chargepoint and where you decide you would like it located. The location of the chargepoint is usually dependent on where you park your car as the cable needs to comfortably reach the car.  

Some people prefer the chargepoint on the front or side of their house, whereas for others the parking is located at the bottom of a garden so the chargepoint can be located on a post for convenience. It is also possible to locate the EV charger in your garage for charging either inside or outside the garage

What information do I need to provide to get a quote for an EV charger installation?

You will usually need to provide photographs of your property including the inside of the electricity meter cabinet as well as your open fuse board to show the slots inside as well as  information about  where you would like the chargepoint.

It is also important to know your fuse cut out rating as this will determine how much power you have for the chargepoint.

This will be displayed inside the meter cabinet as 60A, 80A or 100A. If your house has 60A, this will generally need to be upgraded and can usually be done so free of charge. Get in touch with Romatech for more information on this. 

From this information we can usually provide you with a quote, if the installation is a little more complex we will call you to talk through the options. Once you have accepted our quote, we will arrange for one of our engineers to carry out the installation at a suitable time, to ensure a quick turnaround for you.

Romatech Ltd works with a UK network of qualified electricians, meaning we will have a partner located close to you.

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