All Home EV chargepoints must be smart by July 2019 to qualify for the OLEV grant

17 June 2019

All newly installed home EV charge points that have receive OLEV government funding must feature ‘smart’ technology from July 1st 2019. 

What makes an EV charging stations Smart ?

For an EV Chargepoint to be smart it must be able to be connected online using a network connection or 3G or 4G so it can be remotely accessed. It must also be capable of receiving, interpreting, and reacting to a signal so it can control the electricity supply to your EV when necessary.

Why Do EV Chargepoints need to be smart ?

The move is part of the UK Government’s Road to Zero strategy. At the moment in the UK we have enough power for our homes and businesses. In the future as more people start to drive electric vehicles and the  demand for electricity will become greater. Add this to the move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and the supply of energy will become more of an issue. This means how and when electricity is used will become key to maintaining the supply.

Smart EV charging capabilities have the potential to dramatically reduce the power load on the National Grid during peak times. This minimises the cost of EV charging for users, and helps to ensure there is enough power available from the grid for everyone who needs it.

Where can I find out if the EV chargepoint I am looking to buy is smart ?

There are many smart home EV charge points available on the OLEV EVHS homecharge scheme ready for the 1st July. To be sure you are selecting a smart charger check the current OLEV Homecharge List to check the charger you are planning to have installed is smart. From the 1st July the OLEV EVHS list will be updated to include only smart EV chargepoints.

For workplaces, local load management needs to also be considered to ensure that the available power is spread appropriately between chargepoints. The KEBA KeContact x series  can manage the load across 16 charging stations.

To find out more about KEBA smart chargepoints for homes and workplaces please visit our website

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