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Government to make smart EV chargers compulsory

14 July 2021

The UK Government is set to make it compulsory for all privately-owned electric vehicle chargepoints to be smart.

As it published its Transport Decarbonisation Plan, which the government claims is the first in the world to set out a whole of transport strategy to achieve net zero in the next 29 years, the Government also committed to introducing legislation later in 2021, concerning EV chargers. 

Smart technology to the fore

The Government’s response to the Electric Vehicle Smart Charging consultation, will see the introduction of new legislation later this year, that will require all new private EV charge points to meet updated smart charging standards.

Smart functionality to meet the standards will be described as the ability to: (a) send and receive information; and (b) respond to this information by; ─ increasing or decreasing the rate of electricity flowing through the chargepoint; and ─ changing the time at which electricity flows through the chargepoint.

They also enable EV owners to schedule charging at the cheapest, greenest times of the day, helping to save money.

They will also enable the customer to keep a record of how much they have spent.

On the same day, the Government published a Green Paper which establishes the regulatory framework requiring vehicle manufacturers to improve the fuel efficiency of new cars, vans, and HGVs. 

Part of this process is the prospective introduction of an industry mandate for zero emission vehicles. 

Furthermore, the Government also published a 2035 Delivery Plan, amalgamating all of the measures for de-carbonising cars and vans, from across Government, into a single document. 

The document records the key timelines, milestones and progress made towards delivering mass ownership of zero emission cars and vans. 

Join the smart EV charger movement 

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