UK Government shifts EV focus to small businesses

4 October 2021

2021 has seen further gains for the electric vehicle industry in the UK, with small businesses set to come to the forefront in the coming months.

In February 2021, the UK Government announced a further £50 million investment to encourage more use of electric vehicles, with future focus concentrating on small businesses, landlords and leaseholders.

A boost for small business

Part of that expenditure is earmarked for extending the existing Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) to small to medium enterprises (SMEs), in addition to the charity sector.

At the time of writing, the grant contributes up to £350 per socket, at 75% of the installation cost and is valid for up to a maximum of 20 sockets, or 40 sockets across all business sites.

Businesses will need to meet strict qualifying criteria for the grant, which is run by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). One of the key qualifications is dedicated off-street parking.

Newly eligible companies will include small accommodation businesses, such as B&Bs, who will for the first-time benefit from the funding. This should help to boost rural areas which will see an increase in the number of EV chargers available, helping to address the concerns of ‘range anxiety’, raised as an objection to the take-up of electric vehicles.

A statement from the Department for Transport, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, and Rachel Maclean MP, said:

“The Department for Transport (DfT) has today (13 February 2021) announced that the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), which provides up to £350 towards a chargepoint, will continue next year and be expanded to target people in rented and leasehold accommodation.”

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chair, Mike Cherry, commented:

“It’s great to see the Department for Transport putting businesses front and centre as part of the UK’s mission to achieve net-zero by 2050.

“Small businesses want to play a critical role in helping the UK reach its green targets, and electric vehicles are the future. That’s why this is important news for the nation, particularly rural areas which are often left behind.”

A timely boost

The Government investment comes at an opportune moment, as the EV industry gains significant momentum during 2021.

A Centrica survey, in March 2020, suggested that over a two-year period, UK businesses were set to spend more than £12 billion switching to electric vehicles.

With employees returning to work post-pandemic, employer incentives can give a business an edge in a much more competitive recruitment environment.

And the lure of free vehicle fuel, could prove an attractive proposition for prospective employees, if they can charge vehicles at work.

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