EV tariffs good news for EV drivers

26 July 2021

Energy suppliers have acknowledged the momentum of the electric vehicle market and this has created new EV price tariff competition. The upshot of this is that it may be worth EV drivers’ while to shop around and look for the cheapest deals, which could save hundreds of pounds a year.

Competition grows

Just as automotive manufacturers have cottoned on to the EV revolution, so too are energy providers and that is good news for EV drivers.

As a consequence more energy companies are introducing tariffs that are specifically aimed at EV owners with home chargers.

The competitive nature of this market is helping to drive down costs and by switching to the right tariff, EV drivers could save up to £300 a year.

The tariffs aim to encourage EV drivers to charge their vehicles during off-peak hours, when national usage is much less.

This equates to lower prices and has plenty of appeal to most drivers, as these hours are typically overnight, when the car is parked away.

Whilst common tariffs will charge 12p-15p/kWh, specialist EV tariffs might 4.5p-5p/kWh at night.

Keeping tabs on offers

Rightcharge provide a range of home chargers but also have an EV energy comparison element to their website.

A word of caution, many energy suppliers will require you to have a smart meter installed at your property, before you can switch to a cheaper EV tariff.

Romatech works with EV chargepoint manufacturer Ohme, which has a partnership in place with Octopus Energy, to enable smart technology to synchronise the charger to the cheapest Octopus tariffs like Go and Agile.

Another partner is Austrian company Keba, who have partnered with EV Energy to supply the Keba P30 Fast Smart, a sophisticated new chargepoint, which will synchronise with almost all UK EV energy tariffs.

Why not contact Romatech today to discuss your home charger options?

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