Employers switched on to home EV charging

2 August 2021

Employers appear to be switched on to the appeal of offering workers benefits associated with electric vehicle charging.

New research has indicated that a third of UK companies would consider installing electric vehicle charging points at employees' homes.

A changing landscape

The revelation comes amid a changing work landscape, as a result of the pandemic and the need for millions to work from home.

Indeed, the data, provided by energy consultancy firm Centrica Business Solutions, suggests that one in five businesses said their approach has changed with the increase in home working practices.

Consequently, a third of UK businesses that use company cars, would consider paying for employees to have a chargepoint installed at home. 

The electrification of corporate fleets

The report comes hot on the heels of news that UK’s corporate world intends to invest £15.8billion in the electrification of fleets over the next year.

“The shift to more flexible working means firms are rethinking how they manage the transition to electric fleets and how they support their employees with the right charging infrastructure,' commented Greg McKenna, managing director of Centrica Business Solutions.

“However, it's important to note that a third of drivers don't have access to off-street parking, meaning businesses will need a balance of home charging, workplace charging and a robust public charging network to achieve their electrification plans.” 

Help at hand

Help is at hand for companies looking to invest in workplace chargepoints and those that allow employees to charge at work.

The Government’s Workplace Charging Scheme contributes towards the purchase and installation of an EV chargepoint, up 75 per cent, of the cost, capped at £350 per chargepoint socket. It is eligible for up to 40 sockets per business.

Alternatively, for employee home installations, the Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme will also contribute towards 75% or £350 of the cost and installation of a home charger. This scheme is set to run until March 2022.

Whether you are looking to install chargepoints at your business, or to supply them for employee homes, Romatech can help with the installation and grant claim.

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