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7 ways Smappee Infinity can help reduce energy bills for homes and businesses

18 July 2019

Smappee’s real-time energy insights, and control options offer businesses and consumers a range of smart energy management tools. Whatever the electrical installation, challenge, or conditions, Smappee has a solution that works. From optimising self-consumption of renewable energy and smart EV charging to significant energy and cost savings for single and multi-site businesses. You can select the features and services you require to deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Optimised Self-consumption

Appliances and devices should prioritise the use of energy generated by a solar photovoltaic system before it is sent back to the grid. Self-consumption, using the energy that has been generated, helps the world’s transition to clean energy. It also means huge energy cost savings for you as an energy consumer. Instead of sending excess energy to the grid, energy management controllers such as Smappee Infinity ensure that the generated PV solar power goes to smart appliances or energy storage batteries.

Smart EV charging

Smappee works to monitor, control, and organise energy flows, including EV charging. When energy consumption in one area increases, such as when users start cooking or when a production line is running at full capacity, Smappee will automatically manage the energy flows so that less power goes to the EV charger, so fuses are not blown.

Dynamic Load balancing

Smappee can automatically manage energy flows to control third-party systems, using Smappee Switch, and custom-created Smappee scenes. For example, why not use your solar power for your heat pump instead of sending it back to the grid, or store it in your home energy storage battery for later use? Control over your energy flows enables you to maximise energy efficiency and self-consumption, turning your home or building into a smart, decentralised power hub.

Energy cost savings

Smappee  can be used to determine the size of the solar and battery storage installation needed for a home or office. By first monitoring energy use, followed by improving energy efficiency, a solar PV array and associated storage can be optimally sized to ensure the best return on investment (ROI). Smappee is an affordable solution for homes and companies with different offices that want to track and control energy. It is a great way to illustrate the otherwise invisible energy consumption and to increase energy efficiency substantially.

Compliant with ISO energy standards

Smappee Infinity is easy to install and is compatible with any breaker panel, making it the perfect solution for temporary sites. Monitoring and controlling energy consumption at temporary sites not only has the advantage of meeting ISO energy standards, it also makes  companies for example in the construction sector more energy efficient and saves them money. 

Grid monitoring

The transition to decentralised energy generation disrupts the balance between the different grid phases. Grid operators use Smappee as a mobile solution to monitor the energy flows (5A up to 1000A) in the transformer cabins. Based on Smappee’s insights, the balance will be restored by shifting energy flows to different phases or by installing a battery or larger transformer and thus safeguarding the grid’s continuous functioning.

Control over HVAC

Heating and cooling use a considerable amount of energy, small changes in consumption can substantially affect costs. Property managers use Smappee to identify consumption patterns during the night and at the week-end. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units can then be programmed so their energy use is optimised. Smappee also allows the measurement and verification of savings as a consequence of energy savings policies.

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