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5 ways installing EV chargepoints can benefit your business

26 April 2019

Electric Vehicle (EVs) are considered by many people to be the future of motoring. Motorists are buying hybrid and electric cars in increasing numbers. There are now more than 200,000 electric cars on our roads in the UK with substantially more expected over the next five years. So, EVs and their infrastructure are an increasingly pressing issue for both private and public sector organisations. But can installing EV chargepoints now benefit your business ?

Reduce your Carbon Footprint and Improve your Green Credentials

In the current environmental and political climate, businesses are under pressure to understand their carbon footprint and reduce their environmental impact. If your brand is built on sustainability or environmental awareness then addition of electric charging points could also help to reinforce key brand messages

Improve Employee, Partner and Customer Satisfaction

As the ownership of electric vehicles increases, businesses have a greater responsibility to provide EV charging points for use by employees, visitors and clients. The needs of EV drivers is growing exponentially so EV charger installation is an investment worth making. EV Chargepoints will help to deliver better services to your employees and visitors improving brand loyalty.

Destination and Leisure Charging

If you have the kind of business that will benefit from an increase in footfall, for example a restaurant, cafe, pub or hotel. Electric vehicle chargepoints can really help to attract customers. EV owners are always looking for more convenient locations to charge their cars. While charging, these visitors are customers looking to entertain themselves, rather than “waste time” waiting for their car to charge.

Access to an Open-Charging Network

Your employees can be provided with a card which allows them to use your workplace chargepoints, whilst also having access to an open chargepoint network. This means they can charge anywhere.

Although your business is providing employees and visitors with the convenience of being able to charge their car, this doesn’t have to come at a cost. You can set rule based tariffs from no charge at all to charges for certain groups of users eg. visitors or employees. EV user charging reports can be easily compiled for the purposes of internal administration or tax declarations.

You can also make your chargepoints available as public chargepoints e.g. at weekends when your office is closed, helping to provide a service whilst generating extra revenue.

Future-proof your business.

Pressure on businesses to make environmentally sound choices about the vehicles they provide for employees is likely to increase. There could be tax and financial advantages to influencing a greener vehicle choice. For companies looking to be equipped to cope with the significant expansion of the EV market - installing electric car charging points now is a smart future proofing move.

EV charging stations are simple and easy to manage. There are user identification and access controls available so that you can decide who uses your charging points. Charge cards can be provided for visitors or employees. These are easily managed via an online system that also provides information about the status of your charging stations. Plus, with technology such as Load Management there are no concerns about grid overload. Available power is automatically distributed to all connected charge points based upon rules controlled by you.

Soon, offering employees and visitors somewhere to charge their Electric vehicles will become the norm. If your business is keen to enhance your positive brand reputation, installing EV chargepoints in 2019 could reap significant benefits.

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