KEBA KeContact P30 150000-wallbox best seller

150,000 KEBA EV chargepoints sold worldwide

4 June 2019

The KEBA KeContact P30 series, available from Romatech, is one of three most popular EV charging stations in the world

10 years ago KEBA decided to take a bold step and develop an EV charging station. Back then electric vehicles replacing petrol and diesel cars was a dream of the future. Today the Austrian electronics expert has sold more than 150,000 EV chargepoints around the world. As a result, KEBA is now one of the top 3 global market leaders in the manufacture of smart EV charging stations.

Why EV Chargepoints ?

KEBA has been active in the area of electromobility since 2009. At that time they started developing their own line of EV charging stations. The basis for this development was decades of experience in electronics manufacturing. Shortly after the company delivered its first prototype charging station. The first two years saw around 600 charging stations installed.

Exponential growth in the EV infrastructure sector over the last few years has today led to the sale of more than 6,000 chargepoints per month. With around 150,000 units installed so far, the KEBA KeContact is among the three most popular charging stations in the world. It is also 100% developed and produced in Austria.

Electric Vehicle sales are booming

In contrast to the current trend of decline in new car registrations, the electric vehicle market is growing in double to triple digit rates. Improved mileage range, lower running costs and a larger selection of models are making electric cars a real alternative for an increasing number of people. We are convinced that this is only the beginning since the historic technology shift from internal combustion engines to emission-free electric drives has just started.

The EV Charging Station for today and the future

With the release of its third generation, the KEBA KeContact series wall box has gained a great deal more in intelligence. Equipped with a whole host of technical features and communication interfaces, the KeContact is capable of not only charging, but also controlling, communicating and networking.

Thanks to its ability to integrate into smart homes, back-end systems or solar photovoltaic systems combined with its MID certified meter for billing, this chargepoint meets all of the requirements of electromobility – not just today but also for the future.

The Top 5 reasons why are EV drivers and businesses are choosing KEBA ?

  • Unlike some EV chargers KEBA EV chargepoints are highly reliable. They very rarely fail so are ideal for domestic and business users. No one wants to go to their car to find their chargepoint has failed and their car is “empty”

  • They are designed to work with energy management systems and solar PV so excess solar energy can be diverted to fuel you car

  • KEBA EV chargepoints are discreet in appearance so can be installed anywhere

  • For public buildings, commercial car parks and businesses KEBA EV chargepoints have load management, so it is easy to optimally manage the available power across multiple charging stations, making it ideal for large installations

  • For businesses KEBA chargepoints have open standards to can work with many different backend office systems to provide financial and billing data

Contact us about KEBA chargepoints

Curious? We invite you to visit our website and learn about the KeContact P30 chargepoints. Our expert UK team will be able to explain KEBA solutions for energy companies, car manufacturers, fleet operators, building and land developers as well as electric car owners. Contact us – we look forward to talking to you!

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