charge my EV

How much does it cost to charge my EV ?

11 October 2021

One of the big factors influencing drivers to switch to electric vehicles, is the perception t...


UK Government shifts EV focus to small businesses

4 October 2021

2021 has seen further gains for the electric vehicle industry in the UK, with small businesses...


Government EVHS update bad news for installers

27 September 2021

Electric vehicle chargepoint installers face months more of paperwork frustration, following t...


EV take up in Europe bolsters energy industry

20 September 2021

The phenomenal growth in electric vehicle ownership in the UK and Europe, is boosting the ener...


EV Charging and Grid Reinforcement ? - the DNO Process

17 September 2021

We have a climate emergency - zero emission vehicles, including electric vehicles, will be the...

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