All Home EV chargepoints must be smart by July 2019 to qualify for the OLEV grant

17 June 2019

All newly installed home EV charge points that have receive OLEV government funding must featu...

Energy management Model

5 Steps to Smart Energy Management Success

10 June 2019

Energy management is the use of technology to improve the energy performance, either in the ho...

KEBA KeContact P30 150000-wallbox best seller

150,000 KEBA EV chargepoints sold worldwide

4 June 2019

The KEBA KeContact P30 series, available from Romatech, is one of three most popular EV chargi...


Can Electric Vehicles and Battery Storage help reduce payback periods for Solar PV ?

29 May 2019

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has estimated the effect on the payb...

OLEV Keba P30

How Do I Qualify for an OLEV Homecharge Grant ?

14 May 2019

An OLEV grant is a government initiative for electric cars provided by the

EV Fleet

5 ways installing EV chargepoints can benefit your business

26 April 2019

Electric Vehicle (EVs) are considered by many people to be the future of motoring. Motorists a...


Is now the right time to install an energy storage battery?

18 April 2019

Energy storage batteries make the most of electricity by storing it so you can use the energy ...


Combating EV range anxiety with NRGkick

10 April 2019

“Range anxiety” or the fear of running out of charge is a real concern for electric vehicle dr...


What Electric Car Should I Buy?

2 April 2019

The answer is there isn’t really a single answer. As with petrol or diesel cars the real quest...

Smappee Infinity

Meet Smappee Infinity - The next generation in smart energy technology

18 February 2019

Managing your energy is becoming more complicated. Chances are that you may have invested in s...

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