Can I charge my electric car for free at home?

10 December 2020

If you choose the right charge point and electricity tariff, yes

As E...

Ohme intelligent wall charger and app

What are the benefits of smart EV charging ?

18 June 2020

There are many so-called “Smart EV chargers” on the market, but not all of them ar...

Smappee App and Dashboard

Now is the right time to change our energy habits and save energy

1 June 2020

Next to transport, homes are the largest energy-consuming sector, households account for aroun...

Nissan Leaf at destination

What are the best EV chargers for hotels ?

10 February 2020

Sales of electric vehicles are growing, as sales of petrol and diesel vehicles are declining. ...


Can our UK electricity grid cope with the introduction of electric vehicles?

21 January 2020

The move to Electric Vehicles

The future of cars is electric. Globally, all countries ...

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