Benefit from renewable energy

Solar power is the fastest growing energy technology in the world, and works exceptionally well even in the UK’s northern location and climate. Over half a million of homes and businesses in the UK are now using solar photovoltaics (PV) to generate electricity from their roof. Currently around 60% of non industrial scale generated solar energy is not used and exported back to the grid. Solar panels have evolved, increasing their output upto 400W per panel. This is double the energy generated by older panels. They have also seen a significant improvement in appearance. With a reduction in cost of around 75% over 5 years. Combined with the revolution in battery technology the case for solar is changing.

Why choose solar solutions from Romatech?

At Romatech we specialise in providing high efficiency solar solutions for homes and businesses. We help you to find the right renewable energy solution for your needs. Whether your aim is to use all of your available solar power, go off grid or generate additional revenue we can tailor a solution to your needs.

We can also help you to store the solar energy you don't use whilst the sun is shining. This energy is saved in a home storage battery for use later in the day. The right combination of solar panel systems and battery can even run off grid during the summer months.


Installing solar solutions

Interested in understanding how to save energy with efficient solar power ? and benefit from cheaper electricity? By installing solar PV you can generate electricity at a price substantially lower than from your local energy provider. You could be drawing on a natural and sustainable resource to power your business or home and reduce your reliance on the grid. 

We can advise on the appropriate hybrid solar solution for your home. This will be based upon your energy needs and available space. Our installers are all trained in both and solar panel and battery storage installation.

Solar panel installation

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