Charging at home

EV charging at home is an important part of owning an electric vehicle. It is estimated at least 80% of charging your car will be done at home. It is important to have a fast, reliable, and secure chargepoint today and for the future. Our home charging stations are manufactured by KEBA. They have supplied over 100,000 chargepoints worldwide. The chargepoint is designed for smart charging. It works with smart home systems, and can link to home solar generation systems

Why choose our EV home charging stations?

We know how important it is that your electric vehicle is charged as quickly as possible. Our EV home chargers have been tested with all available electric vehicles. They charge quickly, easily and reliably. Whatever your electric vehicle type, your electric car will charge as safely as possible. It will always achieve the greatest range.


Quick reliable EV charging for your electric vehicle

Our electric vehicle charging stations are all high quality and are designed for reliability. From basic EV chargers to smart home integrated EV charging stations, we cover all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Our EV home chargers are approved by OLEV and eligible for a grant of up to £350 from the UK government Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme


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