Charging while away

Running out of charge is a real concern for electric vehicle drivers. Having to use expensive and time consuming EV charging stations is also not ideal. For people who are on the move we supply NRGkick mobile charging equipment. This helps you get connected and charge anywhere. Our mobile EV charger can be used at both as your home chargepoint. As well as allowing you to plug in when visiting friends and family. Even whilst away on holiday as there is no need for a wallbox. Our adaptor kit also allows you to charge your EV when on holiday or business abroad.

Why choose our mobile EV charging equipment?

We understand how important it is to be able to charge your electric vehicle on the go. Our NRGkick mobile EV charging station has the EV charger in the cable. So you can plug in wherever you are. The EV charging cable is intelligent and can adapt to the available current for rapid charging. It comes with an integrated energy meter to measure and manage the power supplied to your electric car. Safe charging is assured, wherever your electric car is charging.


Control your EV charging with NRGkick Connect

NRGkick connect allows you to manage your EV charging sessions via bluetooth or WiFi, features include:

  • The ability to charge your EV from your PV Solar panels

  • Control of electric vehicle charging session from anywhere via NRGkick cloud

  • providing monthly reports to analyse your electricity use

  • The ability to set timers to control when your EV is charged and for how long

  • Visibility of the amount of charge in your electric car

  • Alexa voice control to charge your EV and check how much charge it has

  • WIFI + Bluetooth connections

NRGkick Connect

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