Charging while away

Running out of charge is a real concern for electric vehicle drivers. Having to use expensive and time consuming EV charging stations is also not ideal. For people who are on the move we supply NRGkick mobile charging equipment. This helps you get connected and charge anywhere. Our mobile EV charger can be used at both as your home chargepoint. As well as allowing you to plug in when visiting friends and family. Even whilst away on holiday as there is no need for a wallbox. Our adaptor kit also allows you to charge your EV when on holiday or business abroad.

Why choose our mobile charging equipment?

We understand how important it is to charge your EV on the go. Our NRGkick mobile EV charger provides the charging unit in the cable. The EV charging cable is intelligent and can adapt to an available current of up to 22KW for rapid charging. With an integrated energy meter to measure and manage the current. Safe charging is ensured at all times wherever your car is charging.


NRGKick Connect

Opening up new dimensions of mobile charging:

  • Solar led charging

  • Access from anywhere via NRGkick cloud

  • Automatic reporting

  • Time controlled charging

  • Recordings and statistics of charging

  • Alexa voice control

  • WIFI + Bluetooth

NRGkick Connect


Our Mode 2 chargepoint to always have with you. Charge anywhere at anytime. Outputs of up to 22kW using either single or 3 phase charging.

NRGkick Adapterset
Plug Adapters

Adapts to all Circumstances. Enables charging from any conventional socket 1- or 3-phase. Automatic adaptor identification of available current for charging from 2.3kW to 22kW.

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