EV Charging FAQs

What is an EV chargepoint?

An electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint or EV charging station allows electric vehicle drivers to connect their vehicle to the household or business power supply. It allows the to transmission of electricity or renewable energy to power your EV. EV chargepoints have specific safety features such as residual current protection and DC leakage detection to ensure safe charging. Our EV chargepoints have been carefully selected for quality and safety. Whether you need a fast car charge, or longer overnight charge, we have the right chargepoints for you.

Do I have to use an electrician to install my charge point?

It is necessary for all chargepoint installations that a fully qualified electrician carries out this work. This is due to dealing with high voltages and the risk associated. In addition to ensure safe installation OLEV require all chargepoints to be installed by an OLEV registered installer to qualify for a government grant. At Romatech, each of our EV chargepoint technicians have been trained to safely install EV charging stations in your desired location.

Do I have to use a charging station to charge my EV?

It is not advisable to plug an EV into a normal household socket for a number of safety related reasons. Mobile Chargepoints have the ability to plug into a normal wall socket as they have all of the required safety features within the cable. For safe charging and maximum efficiency, a smart chargepoint is advised whether it be mobile or wall mounted. As well as this, by 2019 in the UK to obtain OLEV government funding, it will be compulsory to use a ‘smart chargepoint’.

How long will it take to install an EV charger?

The time taken to install an EV chargepoint will vary dependent on your household or business electricity supply. The chargepoint installation itself takes about half an hour. However this then needs to be connected to your power supply. The time taken for this may vary dependent on the location of the chargepoint and electrical circuits in your home. This could take up to half a day dependent on the complexity of the work. Our installers will carry out a survey prior to the installation so they will be able to advise you on how long the chargepoint installation is likely to take.

Can I charge my EV with solar panels?

You can definitely use energy generated by PV solar panels to charge your electric vehicle. You will need either a smart chargepoint, or a smart energy management system to be linked to your solar to do this. Also if your car is usually charged at night you would need a storage battery to store the solar energy to then release it at night to charge your car. This also applies to other renewable energy sources. Please contact us for further information on this.

Energy Storage FAQs

What is energy storage ?

Energy storage refers to home and workplace battery systems. These batteries use a similar technology to smartphone batteries. They can be installed in your home or workplace to allow you to store and use energy from cheaper tariffs or renewable energy sources.

Why is energy storage important?

Energy storage helps retain renewable energy that has been generated from your own solutions. Or allow you to benefit from cheaper tariffs. This allows you to use all of the renewable energy you generate and save money on your energy bills.

How long does a energy storage battery system last?

Home or workplace storage batteries are guaranteed for between 5-10 years. At Romatech we supply lithium iron batteries with a 10 year warranty. However you can expect to 15 + years use from a lithium iron battery.

What are the benefits of having a home battery storage system?

When a storage battery has been connected up with other smart or renewable energy technology, this can help to regulate and reduce the amount spent on energy. It also helps to protect the environment with large carbon savings.

Energy Management FAQs

How can I benefit from smart home technology?

Home energy management systems work with smart home technologies such as amazon alexa and apple home. They provide management insights into the effectiveness and savings from your installed renewable energy systems, electric vehicle and battery storage systems. They also have the ability to manage all devices in one smart place and easily controlled with a simple, yet detailed interface.

How can a business benefit from an energy management smart system?

The ability to see current energy activity at device level can help inform strategic decisions about where to further save. This can help to improve company profitability and to help work towards greener practices throughout the business.

How long does it take to install a smart energy management system?

The installation time for a smart energy management system will vary dependent on what is being monitored. They are easy to install and can be installed in as little as 1 hour but times will vary dependent on your needs.

Solar Solutions FAQs

What are the benefits of installing PV solar panels?

PV Solar panels generate electricity when the sun is out. This allows you to run your home, workplace or car using this energy. Currently you can also benefit from a Feed in Tariff grant for providing power back to the grid. You can also reduce your carbon footprint, protect yourself against high and rising energy costs by installing solar panels.

Can solar PV panels work with other smart technology?

Yes, different smart energy solutions can be easily connected up with each other. This helps to benefit your workplace or home from further energy savings.

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