LG Residential Battery

7 questions to ask before buying an energy storage system ?

30 August 2019

Home energy storage systems make the most of solar power and cheaper electricity by storing it...


Electric vehicle chargepoints to be installed in all new homes

6 August 2019

All new-build homes and building renovations could soon be fitted with an electric car chargep...

Smappee App and Dashboard

7 ways Smappee Infinity can help reduce energy bills for homes and businesses

18 July 2019

Smappee’s real-time energy insights, and control options offer businesses and consumers a rang...

Cyber security attack smart home

Should you risk connecting your EV Chargepoint via your home Internet connection?

1 July 2019

Changes to the OLEV grants under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, EVHS from 1st July 20...


All Home EV chargepoints must be smart by July 2019 to qualify for the OLEV grant

17 June 2019

All newly installed home EV charge points that have receive OLEV government funding must featu...

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