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At Romatech we specialise in smart EV chargepoints for electric vehicles. These work with smart energy management solutions for your home or business. Helping you to reduce your overall energy use and decrease your bills. Whilst making your home and travel greener. Our mission is to make using energy in your home or business smart, simple and efficient. By making the most of intelligent energy management to charge your electric car and run your home or office. You can maximise your UK renewable energy use to save money and reduce emissions.

EV Charging

Home - We offer simple EV charging wall boxes through to smart connected chargepoints.

Home & Away - Our smart mobile chargers allow you to charge your EV at home and away.

Workplace - We offer solutions to meet all business needs. From basic charging for 1 or 2 vehicles, to EV fleet solutions.


Energy Storage

We supply and install battery storage solutions for homes and businesses. If you have solar panels, our energy storage solution can store your excess solar power. You can use it later in the day or to charge your electric vehicle. No Solar ? you can still benefit from batteries. By storing energy sourced from cheaper tariffs such as economy 7. You can then use this electricity to run your home and car more efficiently during peak tariff times.


Energy Management

We can help to provide a complete picture of your home and business energy usage. Allowing you to really understand & reduce your energy and travel costs by up to 60%.

Whether it’s reducing consumption from heating systems. Using appliances or equipment more efficiently to reduce costs. Making the most of renewable power, or charging your vehicle(s) as cheaply as possible. We have a range of smart energy solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

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Solar Solutions

Installing PV Solar Power is one of the best ways to save energy. It can help you lower energy costs and even generate additional revenue for your home or business. Solar panels harness the power of the sun to provide renewable, sustainable energy, helping you to reduce CO2 emissions.

At Romatech we provide high efficiency solar solutions tailored to your needs. Combining solar panels with battery systems or energy management solutions can significantly increase the benefits of solar.

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